The transportation needs of the students are handled by a fleet of deluxebuses that are owned and managed by the school. These buses are equipped with wireless communication devices — in case of any delaysor unforeseen events, a message gets flashed to the school, which in turn informs the parents, and initiates action for backup transportation measures, if required.

All buses are equipped with Tiny Tots English Medium School . TTIC,Tundla enables 24/7 real time vehicle tracking. Visibility, current location, speed, distance and routes can be monitored to provide further safety and security to children, other features like geo-fencing, park-fencing, way-points, panic/SOS switch etc. are safety parameters which contribute to enhanced security standards.

Our buses conform to the design adopted by Tiny Tots Inter College, Tundla and are in accordance with all the rulings of Supreme Court. Students are accompanied by a conductor, guard, nanny and teacher in the buses. The transport facility of GDGIS is also provided with a GPS System. The safety of the students is paramount hence adequate care is being taken for safety of students.

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